Are You Looking for a UK Photography or Videography Internship?


I’m looking to expand my team and hire an intern to work alongside me.

I’m known as the UK’s best fitness photographer (which I’m so grateful for) and you’ll of course be learning from me, but I also need someone by my side who’s just as particular as I am with a decent base level of skills already.

Ideally you’ll have an interest in fitness yourself so you have a good eye on set, but that’s not essential.

If you’re living in the UK looking for an opportunity to work with some of the world’s best fitness models, athletes and celebrities and be present for some unforgettable moments when shooting with Bailey, apply now.

What Will You Be Doing as a Photoshoot Intern?

I shoot a whole range of clients from the world’s leading athletes and bodybuilders to incredibly talented celebrities – and I’m even lucky enough to work with budding amateur talent too.

Life as the UK’s best fitness photographer is very hectic so I need a photoshoot intern to help out on-set and during the post-production edits stage too.

Right now I’m looking for an videography or photography intern to assist during photoshoots at my own private Nottingham fitness studio (get in touch if you want to hire my Nottingham gym for private shoots and seminars).

You’ll be my hype man (or woman!) to my clients too, getting them hyped for the shoot upon arrival and being on-hand to make sure each person I’m photographing has a memorable and special experience.

There’s so much more you’ll get to do as my photography and videography intern and I can’t wait to learn more about you from your application.

Thanks so much for being interested in working with Bailey!

Are you here by accident and instead want to book a fitness photoshoot with me?