Lance McField is a personal trainer from Leeds, Yorkshire. As you will read in his interview below he set himself a target by booking a photoshoot with myself and by paying upfront he knew it was signed and sealed and had to stick to the plan, this is part of his advice on staying true to your goals.

Lance chose to use the Graft Haüs Bodybuilding Gym Leeds located on thew Cardigan Trading Estate, Kirkstall for the location which i have worked at 3- 4 times now and is an incredible background for this style of shoot. Fully equipped with new Primal Strength gym equipment it is one spot in Yorkshire that needs to be checked out.

The brief was simple – “I need images to represent me as a hard working personal trainer to be used on social media and my website” Lance said and below is a snippet of what we got.


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Christopher: Okay. Tell me a little about what got you to this point.

Lance: Right. Initially, I started out just wanting to lose some Christmas weight. Then, yeah, exactly, and then I lost the Christmas weight and I started to put it back on. I was like, “Shit. I can’t, I need a goal to focus on,” and then I booked a photo shoot with yourself. 

Christopher: Okay. How long ago was that?

Lance: I think I paid you in April because, initially, the photo shoot was just an idea. But I was like, “To make it reality and actually stick to my diet, I need to pay you.” I contacted you and then once I’d paid, I was like, “That’s it. Crunch time.” It was about the 29th of April. But, I’ve been dieting before then as well.

Christopher: That’s good advice, I guess, for people wanting to pay upfront and they’ll definitely do it.

Lance: Yeah, to pay upfront and need to commit to it. Absolutely. 

Christopher: Do you have a prep coach, or do you prep yourself? 

Lance: Yeah, I am coached by Stephen Box. Yeah, he prepped me for my competitions in the past and this year he’s prepped me for the photo shoot, and his approach is really good, it’s flexible dieting, and it works. 

Christopher: Yeah, easy? 

Lance: Yeah, definitely. Sometimes I eat out three times. If you want to know where to eat out, go to Wagamama’s, yeah chicken ramen, that’s the one. Or you could go to Nando’s for the butterfly chicken. 

Christopher: Okay yeah! Tell me something interesting about you. You’re a PT for a living aren’t you?

Lance: Yeah, yeah. I’m a personal trainer for a living. I basically get people fit, and I enjoy working them hard. 

Christopher: Yeah. You say you’ve done mostly female?

Lance: Yeah, female, mostly female client base. So don’t want to go over the top with the images, just something visually attractive. Yeah, rather than hardcore body building, yeah.

Christopher: Are you going to be competing this year?

Lance: No, it don’t look like I’m going to be competing this year. I go on holiday June 25th, back in July. Then I go on another holiday in August. But I think it’s a six week break before my next holiday and there’s an actual show in Leeds. Still, again, I might have to sign up for the membership and register for a show, then it’s like, I’ll do it then, yeah.

Christopher: That’s not a bad idea. Then at least you’re in shape if you don’t want to.

Lance: Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Still in shape from the holidays, so I’m really looking forward to it. Yeah.

Christopher: What did you think about the shoot today?

Lance: Yeah, the shoot was great. I’ll definitely be using you again. 

Christopher: You came with a lot of ideas, anyway, didn’t you? Images that you like and you wanted to go full circle. Kind of flew through it really quick didn’t we?

Lance: Yeah, it was good, absolutely.

Christopher: Have you done shoots before?

Lance: I’ve done a shoot before, yes. That was three years ago. I was much younger, so I was, “You know what, can’t post the old images anymore. I need to fresh panel of images.” Yeah.

Christopher: Yeah. This year, it’s about content now, isn’t it? You’ve got to get content out there.

Lance: Yeah, fresh content all of the time. 

Christopher: What are you going to be using the images for?

Lance: I’m going to use images mainly for my social media. Mainly Instagram, Facebook page. And a few of the professional ones for my website. Maybe some blogs or home page.

Christopher: Yeah, I think that’s the best thing to do really, is put a little story behind each image, put a blog post out. Put up a little bit of free information out there too. 

Lance: Yeah, I’ll probably put a blog post out on setting a goal. Just paying up front, then you have to do what it takes to get to the goal. 

Christopher: Hahah!! That’s a good idea. Absolutely. Okay, Thank you man.