With over 500 million Instagram users active every day, visual content plays a very big part in the development of brands.

“Your content develops deeper relationships, and the visual content you put out helps viewers get to know you, like you and trust you more.”

You will have an inspiring individual who you follow online, be it on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube.

When you think about that person don’t you feel like you already know them?

This is why influencer marketing works so well.

Your constant engagement with the people that you follow, has brought you closer to them, and you have developed a level of trust in what they say.

This can work for you too!

The more people see of you, the more they get to know you, If your content is quality, they will develop a deeper level of trust with you, your product and services.

"Visual content is just like written content, in the sense that it is never completed."

Just like putting out a new blog post or an e-book, you also need to update your brand identity. In the majority of cases for fitness professionals, the brand is you. 

Year round you need new imagery to match the message that you’re putting out to your audience. 

But are you super lean and physique shoot ready all year-round? 

In most cases the answer is NO!

This isn’t a problem, because I have just launched my brand-new service, introducing Business / Fitness / Lifestyle shoots by Bailey.

“But I’m not a fitness model” You don’t have to be!

You now have the opportunity to spend a few hours with me in the gym, studio and on location, gathering professional imagery for your brand. 

This isn’t a physique shoot, your images can be of you training, working on client check ins, coaching your clients, preparing meals, or even lifestyle shots on location.

BUSINESS / LIFESTYLE / FITNESS isn’t just for Personal Trainers, Fitness Models and Influencers. If you are serious about your brand exposure, professionalism and quality of content this will 100% benefit you.

Your images can be used on your website, inside e-books, social media posts, and even for promotional material.

Content allows you to establish, share, and strengthen your brand, as well as an effective way to bring in new leads to your business.

And with that said, let me share with you a few marketing facts from 2018


All shoots booked in February will be eligible for the

EARLY BIRD launch rate of ONLY £300