Fitness Competitor Amy Leigh Quine Fashion to Fitness


Some fitness competitors ooze confidence in front of the judges but are less comfortable in front of a physique photographer‘s lens. This is hardly surprising – they spend ages working on their stage presence but rarely think about a shoot until the day it happens.

Amy Leigh-Quine, however, had no such problems. She did lots of fashion modelling in her teens before deciding to transform her physique from that of a stick-thin model to that of a super-toned fitness competitor.

Her physique transformation was so successful that at the age of 22, and with less than a year of proper training and nutrition under her belt, she placed third of 30-plus bodyfitness competitors at the 2014 UKBFF British Championships. This shoot, which took place at The Warehouse Gym in Leicester, focused on how she did it.

Amy arrived on the UK fitness scene at just the right time: interest in categories for females and juniors was exploding and with her hard work and highly marketable look she was hot property by the time this feature came out in Muscle & Fitness.