What a year 2014 has been – shooting the 50th Mr Olympia, Europe’s Strongest Man and dozens more world class athletes.

It has been a picture perfect 12 months photographing the world’s top bodybuilders, champion powerlifters, smoking-hot bikini athletes and even the odd TV megastar.

To cap off a huge year I wanted to pull together the best bits from 2014 working with iconic fitness magazines Muscle & Fitness and FLEX.

I photographer 40 different features for the mags – but a personal highlight has to be shooting the historic battle between Phil Heath and Kai Greene at Mr Olympia in Las Vegas.

My shots of these two bodybuilding titans got top billing in FLEX with a great double page spread designed like an old school boxing poster.

If you recognise the monster on the cover of the Europe’s Strongest Man piece – that’s because it’s “Thor” Björnsson from hit TV show Game of Thrones.

The Icelandic giant who plays “The Mountain” in the hugely popular series ran riot at the European strongman show in Leeds and I was there to capture the action.

Another favourite has to be shooting the Battle of the Cover Models. It was US vs UK as top physique pros Steve Cook and Ryan Terry faced off in front of the camera lens. A really great feature.

I flew out to Nick Mitchell’s world famous Ultimate Performance gym in Marbella to get the images for a massive three-part piece called “The 100 Day Challenge” in Muscle & Fitness. It’s a tough life!

I was at the UKBFF British championships to capture shots of the competition where athletes Ryan John-Baptiste, Ruth Dales and Nathan De Asha ascended to the IFBB pro ranks.

I got some rugged shots for a Royal Marines workout with former commandos Owen Harrison and TV star David McIntosh – who was on Gladiators and Celebrity Big Brother.

I travelled down to South Wales for a shoot with European powerlifting champion Chris Jenkins for a feature on his medal-winning squat programme and then back to my hometown to do a gym shoot with Olympic gold medal-winning boxer Luke Campbell.

Sports scientist Ross Edgley, of the Protein Works, was in front of my camera lens several times in 2014 for features on resistance band training, six pack abs and Crossfit workouts.

More work for Muscle and Fitness KAATSU training feature, the Mr University Competition and Military training on an Irish beach.

For FLEX I shot some powerful images of British champion Ricardo Correia about his rise to the top.
I really liked the shots I took of brothers Zack and Callum McGuirk who are tearing up the British bodybuilding scene.

I got some great shots of Rules Dales who is a former sprinter turned bikini competitor who is now an IFBB Pro.

Pole dancing world champion Kate Czepulkowski was a challenge to shoot – something quite different from the gym shoots and Karina Skowronska, who is a Polish and British fitness champion, was a pleasure to photograph.

Magazine shoots with Britain’s first women’s physique champion Ria Ward, some stunning beach shots of bikini champion Kristbjörg Jónasdóttir and a double-page spread with Amy Leigh-Quine.

Hope you enjoy the gallery…..

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