Phil Learney

Phil Learney is one of the biggest names in the British fitness industry.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, he is one of the country’s top strength and conditioning coaches and fat loss experts.
Phil is a real educator and motivator and holds seminars around the world.
Basically, what Phil doesn’t know about training, muscle hypertrophy and fat loss probably isn’t worth knowing.
He is based at the famous Ultimate Performance gym in Mayfair, London, and is also resident strength and conditioning expert for PhD Nutrition.
I have been lucky enough to work with Phil a lot down the years and have learned so much from the guy. He was actually my first ever Fitness photoshoot way back when i started in this industry and we have been good mates since.
While I have worked with Phil on commercial shoots and done the imagery for his Muscle & Fitness column, it’s the personal shoots I have enjoyed the most.
I was really pleased with the way our last shoot went. Phil was in fantastic shape so we wanted to get some gritty shots down at Mark Coles’ M10 gym to show off his condition.
I got some great shots of Phil looking pumped and vascular doing cable flyes and captured the detail in his delts and back with a classic bicep curl shot.
Phil was wearing a sleeveless hooded top that day, so we had to get an edgy shot with the hood up and his abs out.
With Phil wearing black and the gym had a similar colour palette it gave a desaturated, almost monochrome style to the photographs which worked really well.
See what you think of the images we created…
phil_learney_m10_007 phil_learney_m10_011 phil_learney_m10_018 phil_learney_m10_039 phil_learney_m10_058 phil_learney_m10_087 phil_learney_m10_120 phil_learney_m10_139 phil_learney_m10_166