I have shot some of the world’s top fitness athletes and models for many international magazines and brands. Now based on what i have learnt over the last few years I have created the Ultimate Photoshoot Prep Guide combining years of professional experience with expert knowledge from Britain’s top physique coaches and IFBB Pro athletes.

This FREE eBook download features the secrets to getting shoot and stage ready from Myself, World-leading Strength and Nutrition coach Phil Learney, M10 Fitness founder and transformation specialist Mark Coles, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Anth Bailes and IFBB Pro Athletes Ryan Terry and Nina Ross share their practical experience of final week prep to get in razor-sharp shape for a photoshoot or fitness competition.


Nutrition and Preparation Strategies by the UK’s Top prep coaches

Phil Learney // phillearney.com

Mark Coles // m10fitness.co.uk

Anth Bailes // maxxmuscle-gym.com

General Shoot tips by the UK’s Top Fitness Models

Ryan Terry // ryanterry.co.uk

Nina Ross // ninassecret.co.uk

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