Breaking down barriers: The Benefits of Group Fitness Photo Shoots

Not just for fitness professionals – personal trainers are using group fitness photo shoots to help everyday clients see the results of their training sessions.

When you think about fitness photo shoots, you think of people with perfect physiques. You know, those super humans who dedicate hours each day to hitting PBs and perfecting their bodies. If you’re reading this, you may even be one of these body-blessed folk. 

Although this image is true for most fitness photography clients, there’s also a new (and relatively untapped) audience emerging: the normal people. 

They may not be winning body building competitions, or have thousands of Instagram followers, but this group is united in their journey to better themselves, their health and their fitness. 

And, if you’re a fitness professional, coach or PT, you’re probably you’re already working with them. 

This was the case for Dan and Mike – the people behind Biceps & Banter. Their business has gone from strength to strength since their first time in the studio with Christopher Bailey at the Bailey Studio

The reason?

Group photo shoots. 

Why Have a Group Fitness Photo Shoot?

Used as a tool to promote the successes of their clients, Mike and Dan are harnessing group shoots to attract new leads looking for similar results. 

“We get a ton of interest off the back of [group] shoots,” says Dan.

“We work with a lot of normal people. They see the results that normal people get with our coaching, and they see that it’s achievable.

“The group photo shoots give our audience the images they need to see that these results are attainable. They identify with our clients. They see similarities, and they go, ‘I could do that’.”

“We’ve done probably five or six group shoots with Chris now,” adds Mike. 

“Every single time that we share the content and footage of our latest group shoot, we see the next one fill up.

“Like Dan says, it helps our audience see that something they wouldn’t be able to do on their own is now tangible.” 

Group photo shoots have helped Mike and Dan grow their business quicker than expected. In fact, demand is so high that they’ve recently hired a third coach to serve their expanding client base. 

“We didn’t think it would grow so quickly, but we’ve just had so much demand that we’ve had to take on another coach,” says Mike. 

“We're even looking at taking on another coach in the next couple of months – it's just going from strength to strength.

“Posting transformation photos from the group shoots on Instagram has helped us a lot. Seeing somebody go from ‘ordinary’ to a photo shoot with Bailey says a lot about our coaching,  the experience and what the user gets.” 

But group photo shoots aren’t just a selling tool for smart coaches looking to attract more clients, they’re also a way of building a community of loyal clients who feel like they ‘belong’ in your tribe. 

In a digital age – where online coaching means many trainers will never meet their clients face-to-face – this sense of community has become even more important.

“You’re creating a group of like-minded people,” says Dan. 

“You’re letting them know that they’re a part of this group. It’s not just about the photos, it's the weekend, it's the experiences, it’s the people.

“Meeting new people who are on a similar journey brings everyone together, so the demand for [group photo shoots] has just been going up. Everyone who does it, loves it.” 

Stepping into a studio for the first time isn’t always easy for clients, admits Dan and Mike. But that group environment means that clients quickly find their feet and feel right at home. 

”Sure, it’s a bit intimidating at first. Some clients start questioning: ‘what should I expect?’ and 'am I going to enjoy it?’,” says Dan. 

“But we have people come along who have never done a photo shoot before, will do a photo shoot, and then literally book the next one right away!

“We don’t ever have to sell it anymore. Our clients love it so much that they actually do the selling for us. 

“We’ll announce that we're doing a group photo shoot, and our clients who have already done one will encourage others to take part.”

It’s also an ideal way to showcase client successes, too. 

“It’s a great way to document progress,” says Mike. 

“After all the hard work, our clients are looking the best they’ve ever looked. So you add in a professional photographer, professional lighting and a professional studio and it creates such a positive and encouraging vibe that clients just can’t get enough.” 

This empowered community also act as walking adverts for your brand, insist Mike and Dan. 

“Not only do the shoots help us achieve a good client retention rate, they also help our clients inspire their families and friend,” says Dan. 

“They become inspiring to other regular people who want to know how they’ve done it, and how they can do it, too.”

Could you be using group shoots to help you add value, reach more clients and gain a more loyal following for your fitness brand? Click here to find out what to do next.


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