A few shots here from a shoot i did last week with UKBFF Welsh Bikini Champion

Kristbjörg Jónasdóttir. We started the shoot at Universal Fitness Cardiff where we got some great training shots.

We left the gym and headed down to Rest Bay Porthcawl, The weather had miraculously cleared up and left us with the most beautiful sunset. Looking at these images you really wouldn’t believe they were shot in the United Kingdom.

kristbjorg_jonasdottir_214kristbjorg_jonasdottir_222 kristbjorg_jonasdottir_225 kristbjorg_jonasdottir_233 kristbjorg_jonasdottir_234 kristbjorg_jonasdottir_236 kristbjorg_jonasdottir_239 kristbjorg_jonasdottir_249 kristbjorg_jonasdottir_254 kristbjorg_jonasdottir_256 kristbjorg_jonasdottir_258 kristbjorg_jonasdottir_263 kristbjorg_jonasdottir_264 kristbjorg_jonasdottir_272 kristbjorg_jonasdottir_276 kristbjorg_jonasdottir_277 kristbjorg_jonasdottir_279 kristbjorg_jonasdottir_284 kristbjorg_jonasdottir_286 kristbjorg_jonasdottir_292 kristbjorg_jonasdottir_296 kristbjorg_jonasdottir_313 kristbjorg_jonasdottir_317 kristbjorg_jonasdottir_318

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