Another shoot just published in this month’s Flex Magazine but was shot way back in October 2013.

The shoot was the day after Sasan Heirati won the Heavyweight category at the UKBFF British Championships in Harrogate. This guy rocked up and I was so surprised to see how quiet and polite he was. Genuinely nice guy (although he looks a beast!)

Many thanks to Jonathan Walker who allowed us to use Gambaru Fitness to shoot all of the winners from the finals.

sasan_heirati_flex_magazine_0017 sasan_heirati_flex_magazine_0016 sasan_heirati_flex_magazine_0015 sasan_heirati_flex_magazine_0014 sasan_heirati_flex_magazine_0013 sasan_heirati_flex_magazine_0012 sasan_heirati_flex_magazine_0011 sasan_heirati_flex_magazine_0010 sasan_heirati_flex_magazine_0009 sasan_heirati_flex_magazine_0008 sasan_heirati_flex_magazine_0007 sasan_heirati_flex_magazine_0006 sasan_heirati_flex_magazine_0004 sasan_heirati_flex_magazine_0005 sasan_heirati_flex_magazine_0003 sasan_heirati_flex_magazine_0002

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