Nina Ross
Nina Ross has come a long way in a short space of time and it has been great helping capture her journey on camera.
Nina won the British bikini fitness title at the UKBFF finals. Since then her career has sky-rocketed and she won her IFBB Pro card.
She only started competing in 2011 so it’s incredible to see what she has achieved in the years since.
She is a real figurehead for women in the sport and a respected athlete.
I’ve been fortunate enough to shoot Nina on numerous occasions and she is the ultimate professional.
She is in photoshoot shape pretty much all year round but when she is gearing up for a show like the Arnold Classic she really steps it up a gear.
I shot Nina for Cybex at the company’s private gym at their Leicestershire headquarters.
The Cybex brief was to capture photographs demonstrating the firm’s range of gym equipment.
The gym is a fantastic facility and really helped make the images pop.
Nina is effortless to work with. She has done all her homework and she knows which poses bring out the best in her physique in the shots and together we produced some really stunning images.
Here is a gallery of the best images from the day…
nina_ross_05-07-14_0011 nina_ross_05-07-14_0019 nina_ross_05-07-14_0063 nina_ross_05-07-14_0070 nina_ross_05-07-14_0082 nina_ross_05-07-14_0086 nina_ross_05-07-14_0092 nina_ross_05-07-14_0106 nina_ross_05-07-14_0122 nina_ross_05-07-14_0128 nina_ross_05-07-14_0137 nina_ross_05-07-14_0151 nina_ross_05-07-14_0164 nina_ross_05-07-14_0172 nina_ross_05-07-14_0174 nina_ross_05-07-14_0176 nina_ross_05-07-14_0182 nina_ross_05-07-14_0189 nina_ross_05-07-14_0197 nina_ross_05-07-14_0218

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