This is UK Fitness Photography shoot I have been sat on since October 2013. Very eager to get out into the public but unfortunately had to wait for them to be published in Flex Magazine which was last month so I have finally been given the green light to share.

The shoot was the day after Ricardo Correia won the 212 category and the overall at the UKBFF British Championships in Harrogate. Was such an honour to shoot such an important event for such a big magazine and I have hopefully done them justice.

Ricardo was such a nice guy to work with and hopefully get to again when he next competes.

Many thanks to Jonathan Walker who allowed us to use Gambaru Fitness to shoot all of the winners from the finals.



ukbff_ricardo_correia_0001ukbff_ricardo_correia_0003 ukbff_ricardo_correia_0005 ukbff_ricardo_correia_0006 ukbff_ricardo_correia_0008 ukbff_ricardo_correia_0009 ukbff_ricardo_correia_0010 ukbff_ricardo_correia_0012 ukbff_ricardo_correia_0013 ukbff_ricardo_correia_0014 ukbff_ricardo_correia_0015 ukbff_ricardo_correia_0016 ukbff_ricardo_correia_0017 ukbff_ricardo_correia_0018 ukbff_ricardo_correia_0019

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