Alla Meijer – Fitness Model Abs Workout

This article appeared in Muscle & Fitness a few weeks after Alla Meijer had become the overall bikini fitness champion at the 2016 UKBFF British Championships – a result that qualified her to become an IFBB pro.

Alla, a Russian-born mother-of-two, brought a terrific package to the stage, including a strikingly detailed midsection and I was asked to focus on her abs workout for this feature.

Alla was a fitness photographer's dream: she didn't actually feel well on the day of the shoot but she arrived in superb shape, with lots of great outfits to choose from and worked hard throughout.

Her routine included stability ball and body weight exercises, such as hanging oblique knee raises, which provided plenty of photographic variety that along with the superb facilities and lighting at FLF Performance gym in Manchester made this a visually strong women's fitness feature.

How to Get Fitness Model Abs - Alla Meijer's Abs Workout

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