2 Years in the Dreaming – the Bailey Photo Studio is here!

2 Years in the Dreaming! Find out more about the Bailey Photo Studio.

All photographers at some point in their career dream of running their own studio space. I made that dream a reality back in 2008 when I opened my first high street studio in Yorkshire. Having a studio space to work anytime I wanted is where I would say I learnt the most about lighting. In hindsight it wasn’t the best business decision. I didn’t need a studio on the high street, I didn’t want to be a family / wedding photographer but I won’t regret what I learned in the process. I shut the doors 4 years after opening and by this time I was a little deeper in the fitness scene.

Time has passed and the busier I became the more frustrating all the driving becomes. On average a shoot for me would consist of 2-3 hours driving, shoot for 2 hours + and then 2-3 hours home. Before, this didn’t bother me so much however now I have a family and a lot more on my schedule it just seems like wasted time sat in a car for so long. Yes audiobooks and podcasts can be beneficial but there is little else that can be done.

So 2 years ago I set myself a goal to find a space in the middle of the UK and build a specialist Gym / Studio giving my clients the option of traveling to me to shoot in a private facility any day of the week. Over the past few months I have convinced myself now is the time so I started to look for something suitable, then just like that, 3 weeks later this quirky 2500 sq ft building 1 mile outside of Nottingham City centre found me. Bare brick walls, open space and so much much potential, walking through on my first viewing I could already see the finished product.

Today I signed the lease, so from March 2019 my clients have the option to come and shoot on the worlds greatest gym equipment, and also shoot in a fully equipped studio the same day. Not only that but I will finally have the space and resources to shoot how I really want to.

So excited for everyone to see this, it wont be long before i am posting a transformation Tuesday on a massive scale!

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