It’s Getting Personal!

The thought of a rebrand has been on my mind for some time now.
Some will have spotted the new logo but many won't, That is completely cool, It was a subtle change anyway but enough to get to the point.

That along with the page switch to (you may have been redirected here from

For around 7 years now I have pushed my work under the brand name of BAILEY:IMAGE then came 2018 which felt like the right time to get rid of that silly umbrella I hid under for so long and start taking credit for what I do and who I am... BAILEY. (or Christopher, Chris, Bails etc etc).

When I started Bailey Image I was still young, starting out in a big world of business and I guess I just wasn't confident enough to put my name to what I did.
In a way I was hiding but not now. Now I am just excited. Excited for what I know, what I still have to learn and what happens along the way.

I hope you can join me this year through newsletters which I plan to make weekly. Sharing my world, my shoots, my travel and the inspiring people I meet.

Thank you all



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